Corky's Diary....A Puppy's Tale
Corky's Diary....A Puppy's Tale


Corky's Diary chronicles a Sheltie pup's first ten months with his new owners-- in "his own words". He shares all of his exciting, puzzling, scary and fun experiences as he adjusts to his new lakeside and woodland surrounds. Corky writes about these daily events as best as he can express himself as a wide-eyed pup! Read more

Richard Kneiser

About Richard Kneiser

Dick Kneiser is a retired CPA, residing at Oconomowoc Lake, Wisconsin. A couple years ago, he and his wife decided to once again have a Sheltie with them to enjoy their wooded lake property and its four seasons. After a search of various breeders, they found what they were looking for-- a playful and bright pup who, owing to their love of fine wines, they named "Corky". Early on Dick was inspired to jot down the pup's amusing and charming antics, and that's when he hit upon the idea of writing Corky's diary, in Corky's own words, and as the pup might be experiencing his new life and new surrounds with them.
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Excerpt from the Book

It started out normal— kibbles, and rolling on the grass with my brother. Read more

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